R&D Center

PharscinPharma places R&D and innovation higher on its agenda and has established a pharmaceutical research institute in ways that guarantee the successful implementation of research plans. Its R&D covers the research and development of TCM cultivation, extraction, classic prescription and preparations. In addition, it is also responsible for the research and development of chemical-drug  product lines of APIs and their preparations.These products cover therapeutic fields as varied as digestive system,neuropsychiatric system, ENT, Oncology, endocrine and metabolism regulation,cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems. After years of operation, the company possesses strong technical industrialization transformation ability and is well capable of understanding Chinese laws and regulations on drug administration and following theses regulations in everything it does. On top of that, the company has strong ability of drug registration and application that allows the company to quickly register domestic and foreign products.The company has built active partnerships with domestic and foreign companies in ways that jointly carry out research and development work in fields as varied as drug discovery and development, manufacturing process development, intelligent manufacturing, and drug clinical research. By doing so, the company is well-poised to embrace new opportunities and challenges brought about by the changes in the global pharmaceutical industry.