The Phase V

At present, with therapid development of the company, a new productionbase of Pharscin Pharma occupiedmore than 160 mu is being built. Based on original 11 production lines, aproduction line for Chinese herbal slices, animal house and overhead automatedwarehouse are newly added. The new production base will be designed and builtin strict compliance with requirements of EMA and FDA. An independent airconditioning purification system is adopted to strictly separate chemical drugfrom traditional Chinese medicine.Theinternational first-class production equipment is used in the newly builtproduction base. International advanced technologies such as automaticappliance cleaning system, automatic weighing and batching system, automaticinput and output system, isolation system, on-line monitoring system,intelligent robot packing and palletizing system and sterilization system ofspace vaporized hydrogen peroxide, dustless intelligent conveying system formaterial in workshop, intelligent material transfer system for workshop and warehouseare also applied to this production base. Afterthe construction of the new productionbase, we will gain sufficient capacityreserves that not only meet our own production need but also meet the capacityof potential CMO services.