Research Team

Pharscin Pharma Institute has research stations for academicians and post doctorates, with the coverage of 4,000 square meters and a total investment of nearly 100 million yuan. It has departments of TCM study, chemical APIs synthesis,finished pharmaceutical products, analytical quality, clinical study, information center and other departments. Each R&D professional platformhas, R&D labs and small and medium-scale trial production workshops, realizing smooth transition from new products and new processes to industrialization. At the same time, Pharscin Pharma is equipped with the Intellectual Property Department, the Drug Regulatory Affairs Department, and R&D Quality Management Department.The institute now has more than 100 experienced researchers that have been the talent pool ensuring successfuly R&D transformation.


The Pharmaceutical Research Institute has modern and advanced research and development facilities, including process research equipment like CO2 supercritical extraction, fluidized bed coating equipment for pellets, dry/wet high efficiency granulator, spray dryer, jet mill, capsule filling machine, rotary tabletingmachine, freeze dryer etc.. In addition, it also has an alytical testing equipment as varied as ultra high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography,GC-MS, atomic absorption spectrometer, laser particle size analyzer, moisture adsorption analyzer and thin layer scanner.Since its establishment, the company has successfully completed the industrialization research of a series of new drugs. It is the"National Modern Engineering Technology Platform for Chinese Medicine" and "Chongqing Municipal Modern Engineering and Research Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine" and "Chongqing Engineering Research Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine Extraction and SeparationTechnology".